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New properties are selling from plan like HOT CAKES in the Southern Costa Blanca!

Established self-funded developers are producing properties to the highest European standards in top locations along the coast and are selling out almost instantly.

We at Best Value Spain have collaborations in place allowing us to offer an unequalled selection of these projects as soon as they are released.

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We are now well into the New Year, our UK weather is depressingly wet and we probably have snow and ice to come. At the time of writing this it is currently 25°C in the Southern Costa Blanca - a typical day in their mild, warm winter which has seen no extremes of weather.

Property sales - Re-sale properties are still selling well and attracting multiple viewings. There are still many bargains to be 'snapped up' and the lucky buyers in almost all cases are those who can move quickly and have their finances in place.

The really big news for 2014 is a massive demand for brand new, key-ready and 'off plan', state-of-the-art properties. We have direct access to more than 80 new developments all within an hour's drive of our head office in the Southern Costa Blanca.

The most appealing aspect of a newly built property is that you get exactly what you want, where you want.

The whole concept of this wave of 'new builds' is quality and immaculate design supported by simple lines and modern lay-outs to provide a light, airy and uncluttered living environment making the maximum use of available space. Construction is of the highest standard using the latest energy efficient materials.

We have a mind-boggling choice of property designs, styles and locations with prices starting around 75,000€

For many purchasers the ability to plan the release of finances to coincide with construction is perfect with 50% of the total purchase price needed during the build and the balance on completion.

We are delighted to see at last a return of confidence and excellent construction in this part of Spain and to endorse our commitment to lead you to the very best of the new products we are offering.

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We are an old established agent with offices in the UK and Spain. We believe in honest, friendly advice and absolutely no hard sell - just courteous service with attention to detail and to your individual requirements.

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